Sending of emails (Се обработува)
  • Важност на пораката - Средна
  • Влијаат Сервер - Marge
  • It has been brought to our attention that the sending of emails may be delayed for up to 24 hours. This has happened because an account that was compromised had spam sent from it. Although we have taken every precaution to prevent against these types of attacks, it is IMPERATIVE that email accounts use HIGHLY SECURE passwords! The weakest point to any type of account, is the password. We have secured that email account and the email sending should resume back to normal soon. We apologize on behalf of the user for this issue and we will continue to monitor the situation and update as needed.

  • Дата - 07/12/2017 08:48
  • Последна промена - 07/12/2017 08:50

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