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Do you remember the purchase of your first home? Whether it was a newly constructed home or an older home, there was great anticipation to move into your first huge investment.

Moving to a new home requires you to get property insurance, finances to pay and utilities and when you move in, there are the cleaning, furnishing, fixing and maintaining. You do it because it is a valuable investment and you need a secure and safe place to raise a family.

Likewise for your website. It all started out with just the basics like the contact page, about page, some plug ins, widgets and a beautiful header. Then you add the blog posts each week, the free offers, your sales page with products or services and you continue to add and grow.

4 reasons why building your website is like building your home:

Solid foundation- Remember the three little pigs story? The wolf came and said, “I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down” and the pig with the solid brick home faced no harm. It was built solidly to withstand danger and harm.

Is your website built on solid ground? Do you know what you stand for and will you stay strong when adversity comes?

Authenticity- If the Joneses are adding more rooms to their home next door should you also add those rooms even when you don’t need them? Similarly, your website has to show your audience your personality and what you are all about. Just because Sally is adding a widget to sell cookies doesn’t mean you have too to succeed. Focus on your mission and be authentic and serve your clients well – be you.

Clean and Fix- Maintenance is very important for every home. We need to constantly clean, and do some fixing in some areas of the house. Your website needs to be cleaned up as well. Take care of all the spam in the comment section.

Once in a while you need to update the plug ins and any other new updates. That will keep it healthy. You may also need tech support to maintain the security system on our website or do some back up.

Connect with neighbors – You can’t ignore your neighbors or your neighborhood stores. Everyone needs interactions, a friendly neighbor’s help and run to the local store for food or supplies. Your website needs to be connected to the outside world with social media connections, you need to leave a comment on other business blogs with your website name for connections or guest blog for other websites.

Your website is your real estate in the virtual world. Every piece of ‘furniture’ you add to your site needs to suit your business plan. Just like a home or a store, there is a home address. Make sure it is visible to all when you interact with your ‘neighbors’. When it’s time to pay you a visit, they know where to find you.

Make them feel welcome and want to come visit again with relevant new blog posts each week.

How do you view your website? Is it a valuable piece of real estate? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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