Mistakes Every Online Business Owner Should Avoid

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Have you ever worked with a super star employee, team member, colleague, or associate that not only was extremely talented but also very humble. That is how we would describe our team member Claudia Looi. Claudia is a Copywriter who we have worked with for almost 2 years and has helped us get our message to the masses and increase our profits. We first met Claudia and her husband more than 5 years ago at a First Steps to Success seminar. When we first met they asked us what were some secrets to our success and now years later we are learning from them as they have grown great success in their businesses, family and life.

This article is written by Claudia Looi and it is a wonderful kick in the butt for StarrHost and established online business owners. For those of you who are just getting started online, this article will be a great guide. If you are serious about being successful listen to what Claudia has to say.  She knows what she is talking about.

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5 Mistakes Every Online Business Owner Should Avoid
By: Claudia Looi

Achieving success in your online business requires hard work, patience and determination. There really is no difference, between being successful in business, parenting or in any other area of our life.

After being online for over two years, I realized being busy does not equate to hard work or success. Many hours spent at the computer doing research or making sure everything is perfect on my website are a waste of time if I fail to implement. I must first start by focusing on income producing activities and learn to adjust as challenges come along the way.

I’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse group of business owners by helping them create an online presence through content creation, sales letters and newsletters. Most were new to the online world. Time and time again, I’ve seen a few traits in those who have not found success and given up before the breakthrough.

Here are five mistakes every online business owner should avoid:

One: Failing to market
If we do not add new clients to our list we are not growing. Marketing is essential in the online world. Using social media like Facebook and Twitter to reach your ideal client is one way of marketing. However we need to market our business through paid channels like banner ads, Facebook or Twitter ads or the more traditional way of marketing depending on your type of business and where your ideal clients hang out.

Two: Inconsistency
Imagine a storeowner opening his doors only when he feels like it. An online business requires us to show up as well. If you are committed to producing content (blog posts and newsletters) twice a week, doesn’t matter whether you had a flat tire or a leak on your roof, your readers don’t care. They expect you to show up. Of course, you also need some grace and vacation time.

Three: Not outsourcing and doing everything themselves
I learned from my business coach, if it takes more than an hour to figure out something, you need to outsource. Your time is precious and your online business needs your focused attention. I’m not a techie person. I am clueless when it comes to WordPress website maintenance and backup or graphic work, so I outsource to the experts.

How about you? What do you need to outsource today?

Four: Focusing on the wrong thing
Theodore Roosevelt said, Comparison is the thief of joy! Sometimes I fall into this category by comparing myself with others. It sucks a lot of my energy. I’ve learned to embrace my uniqueness and focus on what I can do instead of what I can’t do.

Are you focusing on your strength or weakness?

Five: Being a perfectionist
Author Jon Acuff said
“90 percent perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100 percent perfect and stuck in your head.” I’ve also heard this phrase perfectionism is procrastination and fear in disguise. Are you delaying your message because you are waiting for your website to be perfect?

Before you know it, there is another new concept, new update, new everything online.

Don’t let “some day”, “next time”, “if only”, “should have” stop you from being the person you are created to be. I’m not there yet but I’ve learned to embrace my journey as an online entrepreneur…taking small steps each day to be better in my craft.

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claudia bio picClaudia Looi is an online copywriter, travel and web content writer. She is currently traveling in South America with her husband and two teens while working online. You can find her at www.travelwritingpro.com

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