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If you have a garden in your yard, it may be time to close out the season with all the fruits and vegetables consumed, given away or canned. The processes of gardening is such an important life and business lessons. How the seeds took time to grow into seedlings and eventually bearing what we expected.

Your website needs time to grow and it does not happen naturally. It needs Tweeting, Liking and Commenting (TLC – tender, loving care like our garden).

Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Link your website to others- usually when you comment on a blog, you leave your full name, email and URL (website name) along with the comment. By doing so, you are linking your website to the website you placed your comment on. If you comment on 3 new websites per week, you are adding 3 new links for your website.

2. Networking with entrepreneurs with the same targeted audience- your comment may be read and clicked on by the readers of that website. Clicking on your link means driving traffic to your blog (website).

3. Encouragement- when you place a compliment on a website, that encourages the blogger/business owner. He or she may in turn place a compliment on yours. That’s a source of encouragement.

4.  Established bloggers may check you out – commenting on successful bloggers’ websites may potentially lead them to check you out. Could you imagine the possibility of connecting with the blogger? Who do you follow and admire in your field? Go comment on their blog.

5. Building relationship with readers – your readers may comment on your blog or give you a suggestion. This is valuable information for your business. Showing gratitude or answering questions are ways to building relationships.

6. Google likes comments because it shows readers are consuming your content and you carry some influence.

7. It helps with your Alexa ranking. If you go to, you will find out how many links you are connected with. Alexa ranking is important if you are seeking to guest blog or selling ad space on your blog. The goal is to get a lower Alexa score. Currently Google and Facebook are holding the number one and two spots.

Millions of websites and more are created everyday. Each of us has a message to give and ways to serve others. Being a business owner takes patience and commitment. Most of all we need to be self-starters because nobody is going to tell us what to do every single day.

Have you been commenting? You could start out with the people you know and venture out to the established bloggers’ website. I’m going to do the same.

Did this help? Let us know by commenting below.  We will do the same.

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