To answer some of the frequently asked questions from small business owners and home based business owners, today we are launching a new series of blog posts to help serve our clients better.

Here are 8 tips to launching and birthing a new business online:

One: Hosting
Who you host with is important. Too much downtime or websites that go on and off means you are losing readership, exposure and business.

Two: Your choice of content management system
Obviously there are several content management systems to choose from like WordPress, Joombla and more. We choose WordPress because it is easy for website owners to customize, user-friendly, SEO-friendly and you don’t have to be a techie user.

Three: Blogging
Start off with consistent blogging. If you don’t have at least 20 blog posts on your site, it would be difficult to promote your website to your social media following.

Four: Social media
Use social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to engage with your audience and promote your blog posts, free report and sales page. At least once a day, add a link to your website on your social media channels.

Five: Commenting
Start commenting on other people’s websites. Give genuine comments to websites with similar niches. For example if you serve baby boomers who are retiring and looking for ways to make extra income, you can look for baby boomer’s websites who are blogging about travel, health, grandchildren and more. When you comment, they will do the same for you.

Six: Look for websites for guest blogging
Not everyone has the time to guest blog. If you have a limited budget and want to increase readership and following, look for websites to guest blog on. It is free and if you find the right audience you may have a surge of new followers.

Seven: Protect your new investment
Your website is your new real estate. Just like a home or a brick and mortar shop, you need to protect your new investment by having it backed up and maintained regularly. We will have an entire blog post on this important topic next.

Eight: Track growth
Just like a baby, your new business needs tracking. We track the baby’s weight and height every month. These statistics will show you ways to improve your online presence. Take a look at your Google Analytics twice a month and you will learn quite a bit about your new business.

Babies need time to grow. Likewise a new business needs time to grow. Feed it consistently with content and give your website enough TLC (Tweeting, Liking and Commenting or Tender Loving Care) and you will see a difference in a year.

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