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Recently I was listening to a sermon from Elevation Church called Labels and Lids and it reminded me how easily we can fall into believing the labels that are given to us… Good and Bad.

This past Fall, we had several experiences where individuals who spent minimal time observing my son tried to “label” him. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t calling him stupid or anything but they were pointing him in a direction that could possibly “label” him.

After some deep soul searching and getting expert advice and listening to those who spend quality time with him weekly I know they are wrong. My son is extremely smart doing some things that are way beyond what is labeled “normal” for his age. His father has a genius IQ and is probably the most intelligent person I know especially when it comes to figuring things out. Jay, my husband, unfortunately had “labels” put on him at a young age. “You are stupid”, “You will never be able to do that”, “You dumby”… How many of you heard those words as a kid? Maybe from a parent, a teacher, kids in school.

It doesn’t take much for a young kid or even an adult to make them think THAT IS WHO THEY ARE… or maybe you were never encouraged because encouragement or confidence was seen as prideful in your family. Encouragement can be a really positive thing for EVERYONE especially our young children. Watch the Elevation church video Labels and Lids and you will see a story about Super Mario Bros and know what I mean.

In the past 2 weeks I have heard several people tell me, “I am just not a sales person”, “I am no good at this”, “Oh this is going to hard like last time”,  “I am just too old to get this stuff”, “My brain doesn’t work like that.”  “I am stupid when it comes to this”…  And the list goes on.

The fact is in each and every case, these people are LIARS. Yes they are either lying to themselves, believing the lies that were spoken over them, or using a LIE as a WELL PLANNED EXCUSE. How do I know? Because I have seen it before many times, like the people who said they couldn’t sell, they actually were some of the best sales people I know.

They just interpreted their current results in one area to mean they were a failure at selling. They were stuck in past failures and looked at everything like before. They believe the lie that just because they are creative and artistic that they can’t learn to be online and with technology. Each and every one of them and you have the ABILITY to be successful with an online business. Each and every one of you can LEARN the skills it takes to be successful.

Lastly let me tell you how my husband’s life changed from mediocre to great, aside from meeting me of course. When he was in High School he had ONE single teacher Mr. Sanders who believed in Jay, encouraged him and challenged him to do take some hard classes. Jay went from an average student to outstanding especially in these hard classes. Mr. Sanders changed Jay’s life because those classes got him into the Nuclear Navy. Many men failed out of Nuke school, but Jay never gave up. He worked harder, longer, and GAVE IT HIS ALL… WHY? Because he believed in himself because ONE person believed in him.

Your age and current ability can only stop you if you aren’t willing to learn and apply. Will it take time? YES. To learn all the tools and tricks of running an online business, blogging, social media, etc. it may take you a year or two. But we have your back.  We have resources and trainings that will help you get started and learn what you need to be successful. We believe in you and want to help you make your dreams a reality so DON’T GIVE UP!

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