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You only have 24 hours. To get the best results on social media platforms and to drive more traffic and engagement means we need to spend time on social media. How do you stay consistent with your social media platforms? One of the best ways we stay organized and consistent is through using Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a social media management system for businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard.

The dashboard in Hootsuite is designed to let you and your social media manager post regular status updates, listen, engage and measure all from one simple user-friendly interface.

To start using Hootsuite is easy. Simply,

1. Sign up at You have 2 options, free or paid. With the paid version you can add up to 5 social profiles, schedule your message and free quick short analytics reports. For $9.99 a month (30 day free trial), you get unlimited social profiles, 2 free users, 1 free enhanced analytics report, Google analytics integration and Facebook Insights integration. To start, we suggest the free version.

2. Connect your new Hootsuite account with your mobile device. If you have an Android, iPhone, iPad, Keitai or Blackberry, download the free app. You can start sending messages and drive engagement with followers wherever you are.

3. Add your social media networks to the dashboards. We suggest you add Twitter, Facebook Fan Page and Facebook Profile Page to your Hootsuite dashboard.

4. Start scheduling your post. You can post the same message on Twitter and Facebook Fan Page for the same time. For example, you may want to add a quote at 9 am on Wednesday. Click on both platforms and write the post and schedule it. That’s it.

5. You can easily add images, videos, or status updates to your Facebook Fan Page or Profile Page. Engage with your readers, comment and like within Hootsuite.

6. Hootsuite makes it simple to grow followers, share, nurture, and engage with our followers on Twitter. You can send and schedule Tweets, search a list, monitor mentions and respond in real time, read direct messages and send direct messages and favorite Tweets.

There are 3 advantages we will highlight here:

1. You save so much time and increase productivity, engagement, and relationship and ultimately profits.

2. You can have access all your important social media platforms in one app or dashboard from anywhere in the world with a mobile device that is connected to Wi-Fi or a phone web service.

3. Read your analytics and see where you need to improve. Your free Hootsuite account allows you to look at which Tweet or Post gets the most click through and which country your audience are located. This simple analytics can easily help you identify and improve your headlines and shows the importance of certain words in you Tweet and Post. Of course you get more out of the paid version.

If you are not using Hootsuite, start today by signing up for the free version. You can learn more about Hootsuite and all the functions available on their website.

Today, there are over 3 million Hootsuite users with U.S. being the number one user and Japan, the number two. With 1.5 million messages sent daily, are you using Hootsuite to simplify your life and increase your followers and engagement?

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