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We walked into the Toyota dealer on a Saturday a little after 5pm.  They closed at 6pm and were not open on Sundays.  We saw a number of people sitting watching a large screen TV as we walked up to a reception desk.  No one came over until we saw a man who must have just come from outside as he had his hat and jacket on introduced himself as Zack and asked how he could help us.

Zack sat us down, was helpful and courteous and showed us our options.  We went into that dealership knowing we wanted a 7-passenger vehicle and Toyota had some of the best ratings. Within 45 minutes we had a deal and a new car.

It would be several days before we could pick up the new car and I kept thinking about Zack, something was very familiar about him.  Then I remembered, years ago I went looking at furniture at a local furniture store, and I was immediately greeted by a man named Zack.  I remember he really impressed me and I had kept his card for years.

When I got a chance to ask Zack if that was him he said yes, he had worked there for over 16 years and was the company’s top salesman. Zack stayed on his feet while his co-workers were being entertained by the TV and chatted away.  At the Driver’s Village Toyota dealer (which is huge) you will find Zack walking the lot even on the coldest day assisting potential clients who are just “window shopping”. He was the first to greet us while all the other associates were “watching the game”.

I could tell you more about Zack and his integrity, work ethic etc., but the point I am trying to make today is about being the first your potential client sees.

For example if you sell a natural remedy to keep fleas off of pets and a potential client looking for a natural remedy goes online to Google and types in Natural Flea repellent, wouldn’t you want your website to be the first thing they see? Or if you had an eBook that helps men be better husbands wouldn’t you want your website to be one of the top 10 Google searches for how to be a good husband?

You can be the first people see if you are regularly blogging with the keywords of your niche.  To do this you first need to start with a domain name for your website and hosting. Then you will need a to put up a blogging type website, specifically a WordPress website.

Sounds confusing?

Well how about this. Did you think you could write blogs every week? YES… great, then we at StarrHost can help you get your domain name and set up your website. Do you think you could learn how to put up a post and do keywords on your WordPress Website if you had instructional training? Yes… great, we will refer you to the right resource to get that training.

It won’t happen overnight. It may take a year of blogging but you can be number one, or at least on the first page of Google if you stay consistent.

Today’s online business owners have equal standing like the big guys if they position themselves well, have patience, and work consistently towards their goal. You no longer need to risk everything, max out your credit cards or take up a huge loan to start a storefront at your local strip mall.

All you need is a domain name, a hosting company, a WordPress website, a blogging platform, sales pages for products or services, a Free Opt-In Offer, and an advertising budget. Some of you may need help with other services to run fast with your business. Start by taking actionable steps each day.

Let us know how we can help. We are here to serve you.

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