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It’s nearly noon on Thursday and you are reading your AWeber email stats while eating your lunch… still wondering if this thing is working and what to do about it. If you have been following us long enough, you know that we send newsletters on Monday and Thursday mornings each week.

That said, is your AWeber email working for you? Reading your stats to gauge your performance is important for business owners. The stats will help determine whether your emails are effective and help you to determine what needs to be improved and what needs fine-tuning.

Do you know what to track and how to improve your results?

Building your list by directing readers to sign up for your free opt in offer is the first step. This opt in form is generated through AWeber and when someone signs up for your free offer, their email and name immediately goes into AWeber. Unless they confirm the opt-in, that name and email is of no use to you. If they don’t confirm, don’t sweat over it.

Those who have confirmed will receive their free opt in offer through a pre-written autoresponder series of emails you have through AWeber.  Here you will start building relationship and engagement with your ideal client. At the same time, you can now start sending your weekly newsletters to your list.

Relationship and engagement is key to your online business success. No one wants to be sold in the first email.

You can track who opened your messages and who didn’t, which links and who clicked through, how much revenue each message generated, how many people unsubscribed and how many messages were bounced.

Your email open rates, click through and conversion rates are largely depended on

• Quality of your list. Quality is far more important than quantity according to AWeber.
• Subject line.
• Time and day sent.  We have chosen Monday and Thursday before 6am Eastern Time for our newsletters.

The average open rate of American companies’ email is 19.9%, according to MailerMailer:

Open rate by industry allows email marketers to measure their open rate performance against others in the same industry. Banking (16.8%), Non-Profit (16.1%), Consulting (15.9%), and Small Business (15.9%) scored the highest open rates in 2011 while Medical (6.5%), Media (7.5%), and Education (8.2%) resulted in the lowest open rates.

Median click through rate in the United States is 2.3% according to Silverpop’s 2012 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study. However, open rate and click through rate percentages also depends on the size of your list.

To improve your open rate, we suggest you test your subject lines and also improve your subject lines. To increase click through rates, you need to build relationship with your ideal clients and find out what they want and serve them with what they want. As said, you cannot sell a shovel to a city girl who lives in an apartment with all facilities including ice shoveling during the wintertime.

Knowing our AWeber Email performance is important but we can’t be obsessed with the stats. They are just tools to help you improve, identify mistakes or weakness, measure the quality of your list and understand your ideal clients.

Let’s improve our online business and move forward step by step by building a list, consistently blogging, sending out weekly newsletters, and working our business by plugging into a system that works. Most importantly we should be building relationship with our ideal clients and serve them.

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