Have you ever noticed that most people when you ask them about their work say, “It’s okay, “It’s a job”, “It’s a paycheck”. Or others “It’s stressful” or “It’s boring”. It seems like you rarely meet people who are passionate about the work they do.

Loving what you do
Last weekend I remember watching the local news and seeing this very happy and excited sports anchor reporting on some winning for a local high school team. Although I don’t watch a lot of news and rarely watch sports broadcasts I thought to myself, his excitement is contagious and you can tell he really likes what he does.

Ironically less than a week later I would meet that Sports Broadcaster at a local Christmas Networking Event. I was introduced to Niko Tamurian and asked him what he did. As soon as he told me he worked as a Sports Reporter and was a Sports Anchor on the weekends it clicked “there is that happy guy”.


After telling him I had just seen him and noticed how happy he was on TV I asked him What do you like best about your job? In less than 10 minutes of chatting with Niko, we learned that that genuine happy News Anchor we saw on TV was really happy and genuine in real life.  He loved his job, he loved his community, he loved his dog and he loved the opportunities he get to make a difference in the community. Learn more about Niko here.

Finding love in something you do
Rabbi Daniel Lapin says, Happiness is not loving what you do but finding something you love in what you do. No job, career or business is perfect. We all have things we dislike about our jobs, career, or businesses.  But we can all find something we do like or even love about our work. If all our attention is focused on the negative then that is all we can see and you will get stuck there.

But if we can turn that focus on the positive attributes, responsibilities, or the positive outcomes our job will produce, we can find happiness there. It might be something as simple as the friendships you have made at work, or the pride you feel in the work when it is done. Focus there and watch your happiness come.

We must remember even if we are starting an online business because you “hate your job” and/or are super “passionate about your product or service” there will still be things that are a struggle here too. Learning WordPress, figuring out a plug-in issue, dealing with an irate customer whose product was delivered smashed, are all some of the challenges of our business. There will always be difficulties, issues, and dilemmas, but it’s about holding on to the things you LOVE about what you do that will help you find, feel and be happy.

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