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WordPress has a default “admin” username as administrator. So the millions of users in the world may have “admin” as their username. The first easy job for hackers is to attack those with “admin” as their username because all they need to figure out now is the password- one less step!

The most commonly asked question is “WordPress will not let me change the login name for the admin account?”

Here is your solution:

Remember, WordPress prevents you from creating two accounts with the same email address.

Here is an easy work around.

1. Back up your WordPress database (EVERYTHING that is in your WordPress website), just in case something goes wrong. You don’t want to lose anything.

2. Change the email address of the admin account.
 It does not have to be a working account.
You’ll soon be deleting the account so you can just make one up.

3. Create a new account with a different username.
 Be sure to assign the new account administrator rights.

Use a secure password as suggested in our previous blog post. WordPress will also indicate the strength of your password.

changing admin

4. Log out of WordPress. And log back in using the new account.

5. Delete the admin account. “Confirm deletion” button.

Interestingly, all your blog posts created earlier will now have a new name instead of “admin.”

If the changing of “admin” name is too overwhelming for you, we understand and are happy to assist you.

Purchase a one time Support package on our “Support Options” page and one of our Support Staff will contact you as soon as we can. Let’s protect your asset, your WordPress website from intruders today.

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