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Avoid these three things like a plague and you will be more successful, have more time to do your work and have better focus and attitude towards your business.

Remember those days when conversations didn’t require a laptop or Smartphone? You had to drive or walk to your friend’s house to have a conversation over a cup of coffee? Today, there are the virtual coffee, tweet chat, Facebook parties…distraction, and distractions!

How do you know what to avoid when you are online? What is stealing your time, energy and focus?

Here are three common mistakes that most of us are facing occasionally or regularly:

Online chat
There are so many ways to chat online these days. You can open your Skype page, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Gmail and many more. Each of these tools have a chat feature or continuous updates.

Before you know it, your intention of posting a question at 9 am becomes a time of chatting with friends through Facebook, and you continue on with liking some photos. Then you click on the photo link that brings you to more photos. You look at the photos and on to the blog reading a story about the children’s first day of school.

When you are done, it is 10am. You just lost one hour of your time and you have not posted your question of the day on Facebook.

Did that ever happen to you? Online chats and having your Facebook page opened in front of you at all times can make you lose focus and waste time.

Comparing with others
If you take a look at Joe’s website that has all the beautifully designed eBooks, high quality YouTube video and apps…and you started comparing your hardly 9 months old website with his 2 year old website. Suddenly you feel inadequate, almost like losing out.

Your self-confidence will drop as you start to compare. It’s a recipe for misery! Everybody has different talent and isin different seasons in their business. Comparing with others will make you feel less than, dissatisfied and have an attitude that lacks gratitude.

This mindset and attitude will get us nowhere close to success. It’s a roadblock to moving forward.

Too much research
Doing too much research without an action plan is dangerous. Some of us may be caught doing hours and hours of research and are unable to stick with a decision to move forward. We are faced with too many choices…

There is just so much out there, we have to find out before we narrow down our niche and move forward. Ever felt that way?

Do you know when to stop researching and start working? The root of the problem could be inability to make a decision or fear of making mistakes – thus we live in the comfort of continuous research and not committing to further action.

We’ve been there. Whether you are an analytical person, a go-getter, a people person who loves to help others or a social butterfly, one of these three things may have affected our productivity in business.

Everyone is unique with special talents and weaknesses. Successful entrepreneurs identify the difference and work on their strength and outsource their weaknesses.

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