Alexa is a free global web metrics that shows you how you rank globally and in the United States with other existing websites. A lower ranking number means you are in a better position compared to a higher ranking number.

You can use your Alexa score for competitive analysis, benchmarking, market research or business development.

Caution: Don’t get so caught up with the score because there are many websites that have great Alexa scores and don’t make money.

Here are three ways your score is being determined:
1. The usage of Alexa tool bar by reviewers of your website.
2. The number of links you get on your website. This means if you comment on other websites, you will get more links going to your website.
3. Facebook, Twitter and other social media links, tweets and likes.

Personally I would not be bothered with getting the Alexa tool bar. It would be another thing to install and learn.

However getting backlinks like commenting on other people’s website is important if you have a new website. Here are two ways to do that:

1. Find websites that have a similar audience as yours. Place encouraging comments on their website and link your website in their comment section. Alexa will recognize that link and add it to sites linking to your website (see example below):

alexa score

2. Like, tweet and share other people’s blog posts and encourage them to do the same for you. When you are starting out and need to improve your Alexa score, you must have others like, tweet and share your blog posts. The only way in the beginning is to do it for others and ask for them to reciprocate.

It does take time to share and comment on other people’s blog posts, but this is one way to improve your Alexa score other than consistent blogging with SEO friendly, relevant content to serve your clients.

Remember this is just a tool to help you evaluate your progress. Use this tool to help your market research and improve your online presence and make more money.

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