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According to a report, eight out of 10 American companies uses Facebook for their business, six out of 10 of them use it to listen to consumer conversations and eight out of 10 use it to respond to clients’ complaints. But how do you evaluate your business’ progress on Facebook?

Business owners can use Facebook’s insights to find out more about their success. Insights provide measurements on your Page’s performance, demographic data of your audience and see how people are discovering and responding to your posts.

According to Facebook, we need to experiment with different types of posts to see what our audience responds to. You must have at least 30 likes before you can start seeing insights.

When you click on See All as shown below after logging into your Facebook Fan page account you will be able to view Insights dashboard. The dashboard provides a selection of data particularly how many likes you have, interaction insights that is the number of people talking about it, engaged users, weekly total reach, virality and more.

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The Insights Dashboard provides only a selection of data recorded for your Page or Platform application or website. A full list of metrics is available on the Insights FQL table or through the Open Graph API.

Most social media managers use a third-party analytics software to access comprehensive Facebook fan page insights data.

There are many things to track. To keep things simple, manageable, cost effective and operational, you need to track three of the following as you launch your new business online:

1. What is your engagement rate or percentage? If you are at 10% and above, you are doing great. If you are not, it is time to find out why there is no engagement between your fans and you. Is it because you are having the wrong audience, insufficient post or you are not engaging with your audience?
2. Is your audience talking about your posts (comment, share and like your posts)?
3. Find out the type of posts that have the most engagement and which posts have no engagement at all.

Most importantly be consistent in posting on your Facebook fan page. Go to other business pages and like, comment and share their page as well. They might just do the same for you.

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