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Twitter is fast paced and limited to 140 characters which means it is short and focus driven like a text message. There is thousands of content being created every single day on Twitter on every topic imaginable.

Are you using Twitter effectively? Are you increasing your Twitter engagement and followers? If you have not read our article on How to Use Twitter for Business, I highly recommend you do so here. has a Twitter cheat sheet: How to increase your engagement. From this article, I would like to highlight four key points about increasing engagement on Twitter:

1. Retweets and replies should be a daily norm for you on Twitter.
2. Don’t forget to tweet on Saturday and Sunday. According to the article brands have 17% higher engagements on Saturday and Sunday.
3. Use hashtags for your tweets and don’t use more than two hashtags.
4. Use images for your Tweets. Images have two times more retweets.

You can evaluate your progress on Twitter by seeing how many retweets, mentions and followers you have per day, week or month through a third-party social media analytics software with the help of a social media manager or track the performance by using Google Analytics and Hootsuite.

On your Google Analytics, under Traffic Sources, you can find out how many of your website’s visitors are from Twitter under referral traffic.

If you have a Hootsuite account, click on Analytics on the left of the screen and click on the weekly analytics. It will show you percentage of clicks, country of origin of the clicks, which tweet has the most clicks through and how many click throughs.

Using these two simple tools will help evaluate your Twitter progress without the need to pay. Both tools are free and will help you troubleshoot and improve your engagement on Twitter.

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