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This week is a busy week. We have family in town, my father in law’s birthday is today, and of course Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday. But one thing I wanted to share with you was from my real estate investor’s club meeting.  

This monthly meeting is a group of various real estate investors. There are some people in the club who are real estate agents or brokers, there are some who have apartment complexes or duplexes, there are some who develop land, there are even some who refurbish double wides and sell those.  Some just started and others have done it for decades.  We all share tips and learn from each other, BUT the most important part is we also get connected to mentorship monthly and Masters in the field.  My mentor in real estate is Sid Chase.  

In WordPress, our mentor is Sandi Krakowski from Of course we can help you with WordPress and getting your blog up and running as well as your social media presence, but we are not the experts who have made millions online, Sandi Krakowski has.

See just like real estate, we have invested and made good deals but we have not made the millions that Sid Chase has in that industry. That is why I plug into him to learn and grow.  

We all have different businesses but we need online professionals who have worked with the best and can help us develop business in our niche. So we have also partnered with A Real Change certified professionals for Virtual Online Services, Copywriting, Social Media, and Graphic Design to help you build AWESOME WordPress Websites.  

We are investing thousands into our education with A Real Change so we can continually increase the service we give you. We are here for you for WordPress. We can help you develop the fundamentals, and our team of professionals and partners can help you take your site and business to the next level and beyond.  

We all need an expert to help us grow and build.  Make sure you are plugged into an expert while growing your business online.  

Check out this example of a great mom and A Real Change trained business owner who developed a business online even with many responsibilities and small kids at home. This is possible for your future too.

Catherine Slezinger at, is a busy momma who has a passion for organic because of her own life experiences and challenges.

Go to her site and you will see some great but specific things she has done to develop her site and grow her business.  Here are few things I picked up from reviewing it.  

1. I see a simple but good header. We see her face and what she is about right away.  

2. A free opt in offer visible and in the banner.

3. Social media connections like her Facebook like box very visible (and obviously working for her).

4. A current and recent blog on her home page.

5. Side widgets with her books and affiliate links, search buttons and newsletter archive.

If you look closer, you will find more good things like a product sales pages, essential oils,  for her recipe book, blogs that have links in them, and lots of useful free information that people in her niche want.   Catherine works a simple system of blogging, emails, and social media.  Her website generates new clients, retail sales and profits for her every month.  Way to go Organic Momma!


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