Steps To Posting A Blog Post

Before you post your blog, read through and correct typos, spelling or grammatical errors. Once that is done you are ready to post. If you have an assistant, you need not worry about these steps. However, if you have to do everything from writing, editing to posting here are five steps to posting a blog:

One: Don’t cut and paste your article from a Word Document
Instead of just cutting and pasting from a Word Document to your blog, first cut and paste it to rich text or plain text.

Cutting and pasting your article from a Word Document directly will bring in extra code to your blog. You will find out that once you cut and paste to rich or plain text, all the bolded letters, italics and links will disappear. This process is longer since you have to bold, italicize and link again on the post.

Now click on Add New for Post and cut and paste the article from rich text to the main body of the blog and add the title at “Enter title here”:


Two: Add images
Images grab attention. Add a relevant photo by clicking the add media button on the top left:


Three: Add categories and tags
These boxes are on the right side of your screen.


Four: Add focus keywords, SEO title and Meta Description


Five: Save Draft, Preview and Publish
Hit Save Draft, hit the Preview button or Publish. If you want it published at a later date, click on Publish Immediately Edit link and select the date and time you want it published. Schedule it and your blog post is ready for publishing.

Steps To Posting A Blog Post

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