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One in four Americans went through the rush of Black Friday shopping according to ABC News and some of these shoppers used quick and easy Black Friday Survival smartphone apps to browse real time ads and create shopping list.

In one report, Delaware residents used the Delaware Fresh smartphone app to look for Christmas trees grown in the area. The free app is available on iPhone and Android with directions and interactive maps to more than 80 farm stands around Delaware.

Many things have changed in recent years especially the way we shop and prepare for the holidays. Smartphone apps are driving sales and making life easier. Here are four Christmas smartphone apps for the holiday season:

Cards app will help simplify and cut through clutter with unique Christmas greeting card designs right from your smartphone. You can create and mail beautifully designed and personalized cards with the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Choose the photos on your phone, design, and send cards (maximum 12) in a single order.

You don’t have to drop by your local grocery, drugstore or Walmart. The app will even show where your photos were taken with the GPS data and you don’t even have to remember where you took the photos.

It costs $2.99 including postage for each card send within the U.S. for U.S. customers and anywhere else in the world is $4.99.

Snip Snap
Hate cutting coupons or always find yourself losing or forgetting to bring your coupons while shopping? Snip Snap app allows you to use your iPhone camera to capture the coupon and you can use that barcode or promo code and present it to the cashier at check out just like a clipped paper coupon.

You could share the coupon with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or through Email. They will thank you for the savings as well. What a great way to share money saving tips and if grandma live far away and wants to get Johnny the Christmas gift in his wish list, mom can send the coupon to grandma through Facebook or email. No more going to the post office to send out coupons to grandma.

Christmas RADIO
This free iPhone app allows you to listen to Christmas music from over 50 stations via cellular networks or WiFi. Bring the music with you wherever you go and you don’t have to purchase Christmas music online or spend money on Christmas music CDs.

Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper
If you like Christmas trees, get into the festive mode and celebrate the season with a beautiful Christmas tree with snow, lights and decorations. Use it while you wait at the airport or in line while shopping for Christmas gifts.

These are fun smartphone apps to bring holiday cheer to you and your family. Running a business is also about having time off and celebrating your success and progress in your business.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said:
The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn!

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