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I was sitting on my bed having another “Braxton Hicks Contraction” that’s what they call these PRE-Contractions you get before you are actually in labor but they still are uncomfortable and this one hurt. Trying to get comfortable, I decided to distract myself by checking my email.

SURPRISE YOU HAVE MONEY! Yup, in a matter of 20 minutes 2 orders had been placed on my website for informational products I had developed over the past 2 years. (These are products like eBooks, recordings, webinars where a client will automatically download the information after purchasing). The weekly orders had been increasing and I had to laugh a bit. Here I am out on maternity leave technically not really working but I am still earning income that is growing every month.

Then I thought of my two women friends who I was shocked to learn that they were only earning $9 and $10 an hour after being at their jobs for 10 years and 18 years. At first I was angry with their bosses thinking they are not being valued at their place of work but then I remembered how hard it is to run a business with employee salaries and benefits creating a huge financial drain on a business even at these wages.

In the US most people are trading their time for an hourly wage.  Sometimes this wage reflects an employee’s talents and value to a company but many times it does not.

I initially got out of the income earning box by finding a network marketing business that I was passionate about and worked that business for 10 years. Then I discovered that I could multiply my efforts and meet individuals who were looking for my message and products by using a Blog type website, Social Media, and Email.

It took me 18 months of learning, practicing, refining, and investing into my online business to see results. But when they started, they continued to grow and grow and more and more profits keep coming in from my work. That’s when I partnered with my husband Jay Carter who has worked in Website Hosting for over 15 years and StarrHost LLC was born. I knew that more of our team, friends and colleagues needed the tools that I had to get out of the income earning box. Visit our Facebook page at

Let’s talk about you. If you are willing to open your mind too and realize there are other ways to earn income and you are willing to put in the time, energy, and money to learn and do what you have to do, YOU CAN have a type of income that DOESN’T depend on trading hours for dollars too.

Are you ready to get your message online? We would like to help you. Go to and get your website started today.  This is the first step to creating an online income.

Here at StarrHost we have tools to help you get online- Hosting, Websites, Maintenance of your websites. We partner with Sandi Krakowski from A Real Change who has helped us and our clients to learn HOW to create a successful online business. Sign up for her Free 30 day Training and Newsletters at

I promise you if you are willing to open your mind, and get committed to learning and applying what you have learned, you can get out of the Income Box too!

I believe in you, we believe in you. YOU CAN DO IT!

Mary Starr Carter & StarrHost

P.S. I am happy to report that my 2 women friends are growing their skills and creating incomes outside the box while they continue their jobs.

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