It is sad but it is true, some of us dread holiday shopping and staying in a long line with holiday shoppers waiting to pay only to find out your gift was returned or re-gifted. If you are feeling it, and want to give a gift that is long-lasting, meaningful and probably profitable…look no further!

Give a gift of a WordPress Website. Here’s how:

One: Domain registration for one year for less than $11
Before you can start a website, you need a domain name. If you have used our domain checker, you know some of the domain names you wanted have been taken. If you have a child who may one day start a business or want to do something online, you may want to check through our domain checker and find out if his or her name is available.

If it is, you may want to register the name and claim the URL.  For example, my name JayCarter was taken before I claimed it. Even JerryCarter is taken.

To check if your child, husband or wife’s domain name is available, please click on this link.

Two: One year website hosting gift
You may have someone in your gift-giving list who is using the free site and wants to transition into hosting their own WordPress website. is free and you don’t own it. Getting hosting is easy.

Go to our website and click on this link.

Three: Give the gift of website backup and security
This is one service that every website and business owner should have before it is too late. We must backup all files, WordPress blog posts and pages, photos and intellectual properties.

Let us help you give the gift of safeguarding your family’s business with proper backups, maintenance and security. Check out the backup and maintenance plan here.

Four: The gift of technical support
Ever had a complain from your online business partner, friend who is using WordPress or spouse who is starting out in the online world about their WordPress website? We have the expertise and technical support to help them out. Give a gift of technical support for $55 an hour. Help them get unstuck and move forward with their online presence.

Here is the link for technical support.

Five: Give the gift of a WordPress Website
This is not a gift for everyone. It will be a great gift for a spouse, child or parent who are looking for ways to expand their horizon into the online business world. Can you imagine the possibilities? Teens, young adults, or stay at home moms may be able to start their business through blogging and social media platforms.

Could these be your perfect gifts this holiday season? Let us know.

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