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If you have a business using a WordPress Blog and the different social media platforms, you need Google Analytics.  Google Analytics is easy to read even if you are not a data analyst or technical person.

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google that lets you
Measure sales and conversions
Insights into how visitors use your site
How they arrived on your site
How you can keep them coming back

Business owners could use this tool to find out which browser readers are using and percentage of readers that use mobile devices as well.

All businesses need a way to track, record and measure. Without these, we would not know where to improve, which direction to go and what is working or not working.



When you look into social analysis on your analytics, it will show you how many visitors came through all the various social media platforms. If there are a great number of readers coming from Facebook, you as a business owner need to pay attention to that platform.

Maybe start placing PPC (pay per click) ads on Facebook and you must post and comment on Facebook regularly.

If there is a large number from Google searches, you may want to place PPC ad with Google.

Analyzing which page attracts the most visitors or the least visitors including top exit pages and how long they stay on a page will help you fine tune your content and keywords. If particular keywords attract lots of readers, that is a clue, you need to blog more on that topic. Readers are particularly interested to find out more from you about that topic.

It also shows which topic you have authority in the marketplace. Maybe start an ad campaign around that topic, write an eBook about that or a free report to generate more leads.

Looking at readers’ country of origin or which city they came from will also help you target your content and create marketing strategies to serve readers in that country or city.

Imagine if you have a ton of readers from Peru and you are in a direct sales business with Young Living. That is your goldmine. Young Living is opening a branch in Peru. What a great way for you to engage and serve your readers through your blog on tips to Young Living business success and Young Living products usage.

Many readers are using their mobile devices to read blogs, do social media and answer emails. If your mobile readers are not increasing while the other browsers are on the increase, it could mean two things. Either your mobile applications for WordPress blog is not optimized to work well on mobile devices or your format is not appealing.

Your data from Google Analytics could help save you from losing hundreds and thousands of readers.

Do you have Google Analytics installed on your WordPress blog? Let us help you if you need assistance. One of our WordPress experts from Tech Support will contact you and set it up for you.

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