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Did the headline grab your attention? It may not grab Google’s but it sure grabbed yours. Writing a blog post requires focus and a lot of research. Everyone is using Google to research different things. There are millions of searches per second online but how could your website or blogs posts be found?

Easily the first thing we need to focus on is consistent blogging. Blogging sporadically will not get us anywhere. Adding fresh content at least once a week will help tremendously. For example, you are blogging about organic farming. If you consistently write blog posts about organic gardening and organic farming…without you even knowing it, someone will find you when they type “organic farming.”

Recently, The Total Wellness Doc and Mom (my wife) wrote an article on “The Healing Power of Food and Nutritional Supplements for your Family”. I typed in “healing power of food and nutrition” and the blog post was on first page of Google and third in position with 15,000,000 results. If you type “healing power of food and nutritional supplements”, it came in first on first page of Google with 2,730,000 results. Not every blog post has such good rankings, but this is one of them.

healing power of food

healing power of food 2

This article is getting a lot of hits, meaning people are visiting because of four reasons:

1. It is a valuable topic with content that readers are looking for
2. She posted this blog post on Twitter and Facebook consistently
3. She paid attention to keywords
4. This blog post has search engine optimization (SEO)

Why use keywords?

Think for a second what do you usually type into Google when you are searching for “places to eat Italian food in Syracuse.” You type it exactly as we wrote here. So when you are writing a blog post and you have the topic in mind, think about what your readers will be searching for and what the search result will look like.

Use those as keywords in your blog post. But don’t overuse keywords because you may be suspected of spamming. You also need to have a title tag, keywords, tags and Meta description on each of your blog posts.

No one can guarantee your #1 ranking on Google. Most importantly, blog consistently and use social media like Facebook and Twitter to promote your blog posts. Even if a blog post is ranking poorly, with consistent blogging, Facebook and Twitter engagement and sending emails to your list, your blog posts will be read.

Are you blogging consistently? That’s one of the ways to grab Google’s attention.

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