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Ever receive flyers, coupons, see ads on TV, hear ads on the radio or notice in many other channels of marketing from a successful local business in your area? They don’t seem to stop. These local business owners know the importance of getting in front of customers and potential customers. When others are suffering, they are not. In fact their checkout lines are long and their parking spaces are full.

What did they do differently from the business across the street with the same thing? He knows marketing. He knows word of mouth and that repeat customers and customers who pass by for an occasional visit to his store are not enough to drum up a huge successful business.

In order for an offline or online business to be successful, we need to attract new customers regularly. Recently we got emails from our Business Coach, Sandi Krakowski about marketing and had our office buzzing.


Because it was a simple business principal that can easily be overlooked. It has to do with marketing. In the online world, that means building a list (first name and email address) for your business. According to Sandi:

Without a list you have no business. Period. You can’t just ‘hope’ that eventually your blog visitors will buy something. It’s important to utilize email marketing along with regular blogging. Create an opt in that people not only want, but they can’t live without. This is your first step to massive lead generation and big list building.

Sounds simple? Yes. And it is the basic principle for business success whether you are online or offline.

For many years, home based business and traditional business owners purchased leads from lead generation companies. They would religiously call the people in the list or send them emails. You bought leads for hundreds or thousands of dollars each month and called through the list or emailed your offer to them. That’s one of the ways of marketing.

Those who built huge businesses were marketing everyday by investing their money into purchasing leads. They didn’t only depend on word of mouth and friends and family’s recommendations.

Now, it is almost impossible to get a live person on the phone and you are not allowed to send random emails to anyone. What if you can build your own list through your own marketing channels?

The potential of reaching out to more people is immense with your marketing strategies. Do you know how to market and build a list?

Publishing your blog posts consistently, having an opt-in on your blog and actively interacting through the various social media networks are some of the ways you are marketing. However there are more ways to get your business in front of a bigger audience.

Find out more on how to market your business and build a bigger list through Sandi Krakowski’s expertise. Here is the link and learn the secrets, tools and methods that she used to grow her list to 100,000 in 11 months.

Owning your own blog and business puts you in control of all the content, marketing and how big your list is growing. Let us know your thoughts. Comment below.

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