Here is one of my best Facebook tips for building your fan page


As you can see above, the Likes literally skyrocketed. I was averaging about 50-75 a day from just posting, and decided I want to get more. This strategy works best if you at least have some Likes to your page. I wouldn’t recommend doing this with 0 Likes, do some work, then come back to this. Either way, what you do is go to other pages (within your niche) and ask them if they would like to share each other pages.

(The common term uses is S4S meaning share for share)

Yup, that’s all.

Now here are some tips on how to go about doing this.

  1. Share with pages in your niche AND that have a similar amount of Likes as you. Face it, the million Likes Goliath pages aren’t going to share your 200 Liked page that has no activity what so ever. Then again, if you are smooth and play your cards right, you just might strike gold. I recently got a page that was over 10 times bigger than mine to share, but that part, you’ll have to figure out yourself wink
  2. Look for pages where people are asking for shares. They already understand what they need to do, so it’s easy to set up with these pages.
  3. For the pages that don’t know what the hell S4S is, talk to them, let them know how it works, and even offer to share first so that eliminates the whole idea of them not trusting you.
  4. Profit. I mean, you are monetizing your Facebook page … right?

Go get ’em tiger. And yes, this strategy still works very well today

Here is a screenshot from 2 days


Courtesy of jamescanz

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