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Last week my wife was away at the Young Living Convention and to save on expenses I took several days off to watch our son. I work from home and normally am with my son in the morning, midday breaks and at night. But spending 4 full days just him and I was really incredible and eye opening.

See I am exhausted. I don’t think I realized how out of shape I was when it came to taking care of a very active 2 year old morning, noon and night. My body wasn’t ready to meet the challenges of this full experience and I have to admit, I would stay up late working after he went to bed too.

So why do I share this? If you are transitioning to working your business online, it is going to be different from your usual routine. It is going to take endurance, strength and fortitude that you may not have built up yet. And if you are like some of our clients it can happen very quickly and if you are not prepared it can get a little overwhelming.

Here are a few tips to help you get ready for your success online.

Get enough sleep. It’s okay to stay up late blogging, finishing a sales page, or writing your eBook once a week or for a short season of time but you can’t do it all the time. Take care to get regular rest.

Feed your health. My wife says when I am working away and forget to eat or just don’t take the time I am miserable. I know she is right. Low blood sugar causes me to get irritable, not think clearly and when I do eat, I make poor choices that lead to me feeling worse.

Learn from my mistakes. Now I do my best to keep health bars in my office, nuts, and drink plenty of water.  My wife also makes me a healthy shake in the morning and although I do feel better, sometimes, her experimental health shakes are gross. (like avocado peanut butter)  Starting your day with the right food is important. I also take supplements to help my health like NingXia Red juice.

Get into a routine.  I am not an expert in this department but I find with a new routine I have started getting up at a certain time everyday, exercising, etc.  I have more time for my family and I am more productive. Develop a routine of when you will write or video record your blogs, post them up, do your research, study, and do your marketing in your business.

Set up fall back systems.  It will happen that something will throw you off your schedule and you won’t be able to get your blog written in time. Make sure you have a back up blog ready to go out just in case.  You can even get it ready in a post to be posted at a date way far out and in your Aweber system.  Then if you need it you just go in and change the dates.

Delegate.  Another hard one for me as I don’t like to spend money but I also realize that there are some key areas that delegation saves me time, energy and gives me a break too.  This weekend I delegated a few hours to our babysitter to watch Joshua so I could go shooting at the range with my nephews.  In Starr Host we delegate to a Virtual Assistant to put up the blogs we write, find the pictures, do the keywords, and send it in Aweber.

I promise you that these things will help you build your endurance for your online success. This week try to improve your Sleep Habits, Food Habits, Set Up a Routine if you haven’t already, make sure you have a Fall Back system and Delegation system.

2 thoughts on “How Is Your Endurance?

  1. Debbie says:

    Delegate is the one single tip I have understood well and need to do as often as possible to allow me the energy and health to complete the tasks that are most important. That and lots of energy drink when I am with the energized bunny known as Joshua.

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