How to beat your competition in your industry

Every business in any industry is faced with competition. A crowded and competitive industry means there is a demand for the product or service. The question is how do you stand out and beat your competition in your industry?

Colin Powell said, “The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting above average effort.” Drawing from this quote here are three things I think will help you beat your competition in your industry:

One: Under promise over deliver
By this we mean give more than is expected and deliver a ‘WOW’ factor every time you provide a product or service. When you go all out to deliver more than was promised, your customers will return again and again, recommend your product or service to friends and family and send you a powerful testimonial.

Two: Relationship marketing
These days with social media, we get recommendations and recognitions through all social media channels. Building a strong community through blogging, social media and newsletters not only helps you communicate with your target audience regularly, it allows you to listen and market to your clients’ needs.

You can conduct your own market survey through blogging, social media and newsletters. Gone are the days of employing a market research company to find out what your customer wants.

Relationship building demands two-way communication. Social media, blogging and email allow companies to speak to the audience live and receive feedback, questions and comments immediately. It allows an open forum where potential customers can chat with the owner of the company or their representatives.

It is also a great way to put your customers first and stay close with your customers. Are you building relationships with your target audience through all these platforms?

Three: Content marketing
A company that provides free regular relevant content to their target audience will stand out more than those who do not have a website that produces content on a regular basis. Unless they are Coke, McDonalds or Apple, every start up or small business must deliver regular relevant content to engage with their clients.

In due time you will build authority and trust with your audience.

Want to deliver WOW to your clients and target audience? Remember these three strategies. For help in getting started blogging online, please submit your ticket and we will help you set up your WordPress website.

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