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If you haven’t added your free opt-in offer to your WordPress blog, it’s time to do so. That’s the only way for you to start building an email list. Why do you need an email list?  Because it is the list that you market to! But not all email lists are created equal.

If you have an opt in and list, what happens when someone unsubscribes to your email? Do you feel bad when someone unsubscribes? Actually you should be glad they did so.

Are you upset because you have been online for 3 months and only have 35 people who have opted into your free offer and list? But every week you get someone sharing how helpful your free report was.

We heard it already, the money is in your list but a list that has no engagement (meaning people comment and get back to you) is a dead list or unhealthy list.

How do you build a healthy email list?

One: Create a free opt-in offer that will create results for your ideal clients
If your offer is bringing results and are meeting the needs of your readers, they will want to come back for more. A free opt-in offer is a well thought out marketing plan in your business. It has to be written strategically to attract your ideal client.

For example, Starr Host’s Free Report is Your Step by Step Guide to Running a Successful WordPress Blog. That’s exactly what we offer, step by step methods that will not leave a beginner overwhelmed. This report is not meant for a professional blogger, it is meant for the beginner or someone ready to start blogging.  

Our list consists of mostly beginners and business owners who are considering or are new to WordPress, online blogging, social media, and who want to create hundreds and thousands on an email list.   

Two: Long term nurturing
We need to stay in touch with our list by sending autoresponders (a series of pre-written emails) and weekly newsletters. These newsletters will have relevant valuable content that will answer some of the urgent pressing problems or give them tips for success.

The email will not always be sales or promotional in nature. However, we are running a business, there is sales involved in our newsletters and emails as well.

Three: Social Media engagement
In order to be more visible to the list, they need to be exposed to our message, products and services through other platforms. Invite them to social media platforms like Twitter and the Facebook Fan Page for further engagement and conversations and building relationship and community.

If we are not engaging with our list at all, that list gets unhealthy and eventually is of no use to us.

Are you building your list and engaging with your list? Consistency will help tremendously with engagement with your list. Make sure you send out a newsletter at least once a week to your list even if you have 10 people on your list. Really that’s where we started.  

If you don’t have a FREE offer yet and don’t have the time to create something profitable, then think about letting our professionals help you.

For more information on our list building service please go to the list building page.

Did this help? Let us know how we can assist you with your list building.

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