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One of the topics during the social media smartphone GPS summit in Orlando was focus. It is a timely topic for most of us who are running an online business. The lack of focus has robbed our time and results.

There are two things that I find distracting when running a business:

One: Shiny objects
In the online world, there are always the latest and greatest including gadgets, gurus, training seminars, business plans and more. Most entrepreneurs find it hard to resist the ‘next best training’ from one guru after another. Soon, they have a shelf full of ‘must haves’ trainings unopened or in the ‘get to’ pile.

These trainings could be overwhelming, time and money wasters and may even make us quite confused. Not all trainers (gurus) are alike. Some may give you empty promises.

Choose wisely because before you know it, you are left with indecision and confusion and are unable to implement tips and tools that are relevant for your business success. Indecision and confusion will lead to delay or procrastination, ultimately no result.

Two: Too many things at one time
Some of us take on too many tasks and commitments for our life or business and lose our laser sharp focus. Beginner online businesses with too many paths can rob us from our ultimate goal in life.

For example, if you are a mechanic that repairs only cars and you want a life with a 40 hour work week and five employees in your hometown. If you lose focus and start working on boats, motorcycles, buses and trucks and taking requests to travel to other towns to repair cars, soon you will find that your 40 hour work week has been stretched and you are overworked and frustrated. You run into problems because truck owners were frustrated with you because the repair was not as expected.

Distractions blur us.

Focus requires us to choose our path and eliminate distractions like shiny objects or having too many things on our plate. We need to filter our path and get focus on a few good things for our business when we start out. Focus will bring clarity and clearly define your goal and purpose in business.

Make a decision to stay focused and follow your own path and not others. Sometimes after making our decisions, it may not be easy to stick with it because friends and family may have their opinions. Or we are unable to move forward because we are tempted by another way of doing things.

Are you constantly chasing and not focusing? Do what is best for you and your business. It takes time to build a business. Ultimately it takes laser sharp focus to get things done.

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