Most of us attend conventions and seminars to meet associates, gain knowledge, add more skills and to increase focus on building and bringing our business to the next level. Have you found yourself struggling from convention to convention seeing results in others but not yours or have you come to a plateau in the last few months?

You are not alone if you feel that way. In fact, each day millions of people seek opportunity after opportunity only to be disappointed because they are working on a system that isn’t working or they do not know how to venture into the next level.

Home parties, telephone scripts and a duplicable face-to-face presentation system are all important business tools for success. What if you could increase your business this year by using online tools?

Here are three tools you can use seamlessly to increase your business:

One: Creating content through a WordPress blog
Whether you call it a blog, website or resource center for clients and associates, having a WordPress website will help establish you as an expert in your field.

Creating fresh content every week will help you reach out to your potential clients and associates. For example, if your clients or associates are searching for “which essential oil can treat mosquito bites” you can point them to a blog post you have written on that topic. It not only saves you time but it will help your clients and associates seek out other information about your business through your website.

Your WordPress website becomes a hub for training, learning and information. Imagine the amount of time and money you can save? This system is duplicable and your team can do the same.

You will also show up on Google search engine if you know a little about writing SEO friendly and keyword rich relevant and high quality content.

Two: Newsletters (email marketing)
The old fashion way of sending emails to your associates, names collected through trade shows and clients are no longer effective. The majority may go into junk mail. Having a professional email system like AWeber (add affiliate link) to deliver your content, newsletters and updates are not only productive, it helps you track which campaign is working and what works and what doesn’t.

AWeber will save you time and money as well. For example, if you send out newsletters once a week. You can create a list in AWeber, create the newsletter, schedule and send it out anytime you want without having to type every email address and name to the email or newsletter.

Three: Social media
One out of seven people on planet earth uses Facebook. Business owners cannot ignore the numbers recorded about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and more. Social media is shaping the way we do business and market our business.

We have all the tools in place for our clients. Are you looking for ways to increase your business using online tools? We are happy to assist you. Please submit a ticket here.

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