how to use twitter for business

Twitter has over 500 million users, and 200 million active users, that’s a lot of people at your fingertips. Your business certainly doesn’t need that many followers for Twitter to be an effective marketing tool for you. In fact, it’s better to have fewer followers that are highly targeted than to have a lot of followers who have no intentions of ever coming to your business buying from you, or interacting with you.

Today we are going to talk about how to use Twitter for your business. But we are going to start off with how to set-up your profile properly because that is key to your success.

1. Set up your profile properly – To have an effective profile, create a great bio with your target keywords and clickable link to your website, blog, or Facebook page. Use a professional looking headshot. People want to do business with those they feel like they can trust, and if they can’t see your face, they may not feel they can trust you.

Also use a professional looking background that establishes your brand. Don’t reinvent the wheel, if you already have a logo and special colors by all means use those. However, you may need to adjust the sizing to fit Twitter sizing guidelines.

2. Follow the right people – You want to follow people who are in your target market. Have you determined who your ideal client or customer is yet? If not, you need to do this before going any further. Take some time and write out a description of who your ideal client or customer is, their age, gender, occupation, are they married, single, do they have children, what do they like to do in their free time.

Of course these will not be your only clients and customers. But this will be who you are talking to when you are posting on Twitter, on your other social media networks, writing your blog posts, and marketing. I always think it’s easier if you feel you are writing or talking to that one person. Don’t skip this step. It’s an important building block for your Twitter foundation.

3. Interact with your followers – Always take time to interact with your followers, whether it’s on Twitter or any social media platform.  Thank people for retweeting your tweets, retweet others, and engage in conversations. It’s all about building relationships… first and foremost!

4. Tweet pictures – Depending on your business, tweet pictures if appropriate. Followers love pictures. If you are having a special event, followers would love to see pictures of it. You can tweet pictures from most phones, so it’s easy.

5. Promote your Twitter – Your Twitter name should be on your business cards, letterhead, websites, other social media and blog posts. You want to give people every opportunity to know you are on Twitter and how they can follow you. The more followers you have that are relevant, the more effective your Twitter marketing will be.

6. Share sneak peeks – Get the buzz going by sharing sneak peeks on Twitter of upcoming projects, sales, and information. People love to feel “in the know” and you can do that by sharing an upcoming announcement, sale, or special event. Building up excitement until the “big day” is always a great way to use Twitter.

After starting with the correct foundation these are just a few ways you can use Twitter for your business.  It is a great tool for getting your message out to your clients and customers when used properly. Happy Tweeting!




Kim is a Certified Social Media Content Manager. She is a Social Media enthusiast, loves working with her clients assisting them in growing their business. She plans on starting to offer Social Media training to clients later this year. She is an encourager, lover of life, Christian, wife, mom, mom-in-law, daughter, and mom to her adorable dog Maggie. She also loves Essential Oils. You can contact Kim at her website at:, or on Facebook at, or Twitter

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