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For many of Starr Host’s clients who signed up before December 6, 2012, they are the ‘lucky’ ones who got in before Google took off the Free Google Apps. But for many, they have to pay for the apps.

My ‘lucky’ clients were able to sign up for a free Google Apps for business account to create emails that uses their company’s website domain name up to 10 users totally free. The best part is their account will stay free.

New clients will have to pay for Google Apps. They have two options according to

1. Apps for business without vault which is a service that gives you email archiving and control over multiple email accounts and you pay $5 per user per month. Up to $50 per user per year.
2. Apps for business with vault costs $10 per user per month.

The free options are still being extended to schools under free Google Apps for Education account. According to the Senior Product Manager at Google App Engine:

The Apps Standard account you have today will continue to work for free. If you create a new Apps account going through the App Engine Admin Console you’ll still be able to create a Standard Apps account for free but you’ll only be able to get 1 user per account rather than the 10 you get today. 

Here is how you do it (which is given in groups: link above):

1. Go to your application’s dashboard within and visit Application Settings >Add Domain
2. On that screen follow the “Sign Up for Google Apps Standard” link
3. From here you can sign up to a limited version of Google Apps Standard

Note: I’ve not tried this method. Let me know if you were able to get that free email account.

Of course you can create your business email with your web hosting company. If you are hosting with Starr Host, you can get your email using your business name through your web hosting. Please send a “submit ticket” to find out more.

If you have been running a business online, you know the online world is ever changing. There are a few things that are essential for success:

1. Focus on your money making activities
2. Have a reliable backup and maintenance plan for your website
3. Outsource the rest that is taking too much of your time to figure it out
4. Stay connected with people and read blogs that bring you knowledge and news
5. Be flexible and know that change is inevitable
6. Be genuinely happy with what you do

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