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The possibilities are endless with a smartphone. It is a business, health, travel and personal fitness tool. Almost all information needed is stored and accessible in that little device.

I’ve just spent a weekend with my wife and 250 other business associates in Orlando, Florida learning about “The Social Media Smartphone GPS”. There are so many tools and strategies that we learned and now it is implementation time. One that I would like to share with you is the smartphone apps for your online business.

Here are 5 smartphone apps that will make your life easier:

One: Facebook App
This app is for your Facebook profile page (personal Facebook page). You can access and manage your private groups or business forums, post personal updates or direct message to friends and family.

Two: Facebook Page App
This is the most exciting development by Facebook for smartphones. Finally you or your social media managers could access your business page and update information and manage your page with a touch of a button on your smartphone. You can even look at your analytics data/metrics from your phone, from the number of page views, people talking about it to weekly total reach.

The app gives you the ability to comment, like and engage with your community directly without logging into your personal page. It is a great app if you are working remotely or on vacation.

Three: Twitter App
Get instant updates, follow your clients, friends, industry’s experts, people you follow and admire and get real time tweets from them wherever you are. You can get your Twitter mentions, real time tweets, your tweets and direct messages wherever you are, even while you are eating at your favorite restaurant.

Don’t depend on one app to run your social media platforms.

Four: Hootsuite
This app will save you lots of time. You can easily schedule your posts for the day for Twitter and Facebook pages in Hootsuite app without the need to do the same post twice. Another added benefit is you can post weeks in advance.

Through the Hootsuite app, you can read all real time posts on Twitter, Facebook Pages and Facebook Personal pages. Answer questions, comment in all of these social media channels without the need to leave Hootsuite. If Twitter or Facebook apps are not working, you could still access through Hootsuite.

Five: Instagram App
Pictures paint a thousand words. It also connects and attracts more engagement from your followers and prospects. Instagram can transform your photos and make you look good with special adjustments and filters to enhance photos.

You can add followers and following. Add like and comment on photos that you enjoy from the people you are following. This is another way to engage, learn about your prospects and give your business an exposure.

Do you have five of these apps? Let us know how they are working out for you. Connect with us on Instagram at jaywcarter1.

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