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If you are a business owner and want to make money online and still have a WordPress.com blog, it is time to convert it to WordPress.org.

Here is why you need to convert your WordPress.com blog to WordPress.org self-hosted blog:

One: You can set up an online store
WordPress.com does not have the capabilities of an online store like WordPress.org. If you are a direct sales, health or life coach, author or real estate investment owner, ultimately you will want to monetize your website. You can sell your products or services with WordPress.org without any restrictions or limitations.

You can sell advertising space or add affiliate links to your WordPress.org blog.

Two: You own it
You own your virtual real estate when you have a self-hosted WordPress.org blog. However a WordPress.com blog can be shut down if you do not comply with certain rules, and it has happened with clients. What if you lose all your content after all the hard work?

Three: Plugins, custom themes and coding
According to WordPress.com, you cannot upload plugins or modify the PHP code behind your blog. You definitely have limitations and may compromise on security, ease of use and a professional look if you are still using WordPress.com.

WordPress.org gives you the freedom to install plugins and have complete control to change the code if you want to. You have the ability to upload any custom theme and beautify your blog according to your taste and needs. We use Thesis theme for our websites. It is also SEO ready and you don’t need a lot of SEO knowledge to make it work to your advantage.

Four: Your domain name
Imagine StarrHost having a URL that look like this: starrhost.wordpress.com? With a self-hosted WordPress.org website, you own your URL and have the freedom to brand your company with proper names if the URL is still available.

To find out if the URL you would like is still available please use our domain checker page.

Need help with a self-hosted WordPress.org website? We are happy to assist you. 

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