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Recently I was talking to a frustrated client who didn’t understand why people who were opting in to her free offer were not buying the products suggested in her opt-in.  I didn’t mean to laugh but I accidentally did.

I said client (who is also my friend); “did you marry your husband after the first date?”  “No”, she said. I said the same is true here. You are creating relationship with these clients and they are deciding if you and your products are the right one for them.

I asked how many people have opted into her opt in offer? She said, 26.  I said, “How many blogs and newsletters have you sent out in the past 7 months?”  She said,  “8”. So, if we actually looked at the open ratio of your newsletters we would probably see 20% at the most reading the newsletters, which is about 5 people.

Now let’s look at your Facebook page engagement. Approximately 10% of the people or 10 people a day are engaging with you. You have posted eight blogs and got a significant amount of traffic and engagement but many of these people already use your product.

So I had to be quite honest with her and to you who are reading this. Do not expect results in your online business when you haven’t done the following:

1) Been consistent in blogging and writing newsletters. Consistent means blogging and sending out newsletters through AWeber at least once or twice a week.

2) Grown a list to market to via your opt-in and social media. Add new people to your list through your opt in offer on your website and Facebook business page. Make sure you direct Twitter followers and Facebook fans to your Free Offer. How about paid marketing campaigns? Do you run ads consistently? We heard it many times through some experts that “the money is in the list.”

3) Put relationship and service above your bottom line. Are you just thinking about monetizing through relationship? Our clients are looking at “what can you do for them!” and “how can you serve them well!”

Don’t get me wrong if we have a business we want to be profitable and successful but it doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen with poor marketing, poor relationship building, and a poverty mentality.

Do you feel like your business has not grown or grew too slowly than what you have anticipated? Consistency and hard work does pay us dividends at the end. One question to ask is “How many productive hours do you put into your business?” Sometimes we are busy being busy and lose sight of the important elements in business. The elements of consistency, marketing (growing your list) and building relationship with prospects.

I just thought I would share this real life example, not to make you feel bad but to help you understand if your online work is not getting you the results you want.

For your success,

Mary Starr Carter

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