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I don’t like flies. I don’t like them at all. Last year after a barbeque I was eating a leftover hamburger the next day and I noticed these white small almost rice things in my burger. I researched it and was disgusted to find out they were fly eggs… AGGHHHHH!

Well ever since, I have been on high alert for flies in the house. This summer with a toddler running in and out and doors being left open, we got some flies in the house and in my downstairs office. So I went out and bought some fly traps. You know those ugly rolls of sticky tape that hang from your ceiling? My wife didn’t like them but I didn’t care. I was going to get rid of those flies. So I thought. But day after day after day the flies lived and the traps were empty.

Then I thought about my fly-hamburger… flies like meat and if it is rotten, even better. So I got some left over turkey burger and stuck it to the fly trap. Apparently flies like turkey burgers and I have eliminated the fly population from my house.

Your website is a lot like a Fly Trap if you don’t have what your audience want to read or learn about then you will be like a fly trap with no meat. If you study your audience, learn what they want and then provide content that your readers want you will be a fly trap with meat.

Here are 5 ways to see if your website is working for you or not and if you are a Fly Trap with no meat or a Fly Trap with meat.

For your success,

Jay Carter
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5 Ways to Know If Your Website is Working For You or Not

Don’t be fooled into thinking just because you run a big business, or you have 2000 Likes on your Facebook Page, or you can bring in hundreds of people to a conference call that you website is working the most for you.

It’s probably not. We see great leaders, businesses, authors, and professionals all the time with websites that aren’t doing them justice. Below are 5 ways to know if your website is working for you.

#1 Alexa Ranking and Google Analytics
Both of these tools are useful in determining how much traffic you are getting to your site. Go to and plug in your website name in the top search feature for example and you will get a short report that tells you your traffic rank globally and in the US as well as how many sites are linking into yours and so on.

The higher the score, the lower your traffic ranking. For example if you have NO ranking or 2 or 3 million that’s not so good, but the goal is to get your website ranked under a million and then even lower. This is something that our Starr Host WordPress Websites can help you do.

Google Analytics is another way to see how your site is doing. You can learn more about that on one of our blog posts.

#2 Social Media Integration Facebook Likes and Twitter Retweets
First of all, you need social media integration on your websites. If you don’t have it you are missing a HUGE population of people who not only need what you have but could help you spread the word about your website and business.

The basic integration you need is Facebook and Twitter. If you have those now, look and see how many people are LIKING your blogs or pages or retweeting them.

For example when Starr Host client, Corry Heinrich launched her site, her first blog post got over 100 Facebook Likes in less than 24 hours and close to 200 in a few short days. This occurred due to the viral type sharing amongst a community of health oriented people. One person liked it and then another person on Facebook liked their post and so on. This will not always happen.

A healthy website will have both Facebook likes and retweets on their blogs and pages.

#3 Engagement
Your Facebook likes and Twitter retweets are part of your engagement but so is how many people are commenting on your topics. This means who is commenting on your articles. You will see more as your online presence grows and you will have more traffic and more people commenting on your blog articles. You will also see what topics or articles get an overwhelming response or note. Corry’s article had over 19 people give heartfelt comments at the end of the article.

#4 The Growth of your List
We recently talked about the list and size of it in our article.

Usually if you list is not growing, your business is not growing.

#5 Sales
Bottom line is it all comes down to RESULTS. What are your sales? Usually an online business owner who learns the skills to improve the above 4 things and applies them daily in their business will be able to see RESULTS within 90 days.

If you just realized your website stinks or that you don’t have a clue what these things even are, head over to our Resource Training Center where you will find resources from our online Business Development and Marketing Trainer.

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