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If you ask successful people in business and in their personal lives what their secrets to success are you will learn a lot.  So many times we blame the economy or something for our failures but those are our excuses. We know.

How do we have a recession-proof business and life?

Everyone is facing the same economy and market conditions. Why is it that some are flourishing and others are sinking? Some may seem to face brick walls and are considering giving up. How do you channel your energy and focus on building an online business that will last?

Here are four life lessons we have learned as business owners and are still learning:

One: Determination
If you have a goal and are willing to put effort, focus and determination into doing the work to get it done, you will get it. The problem for many of us is the inability to focus on nurturing the sprout. A sprout will one day grow into a tree and on to become a forest. We have said it before and will repeat here that consistency, determination and focus will bring the results.

Two: Physical and mental fitness
Your health is your wealth. Take care of your health with exercise, movement, nutritional supplement and proper foods. Since my wife is The Total Wellness Doc and Mom, I have a lot of great nutritional supplement and super foods to get me going everyday. I admit sometimes I get off track and forget to take them, but when I do, it makes a big difference in my sweet cravings and energy levels.

Taking time out of our busy schedules to exercise can be quite challenging. But it is necessary for physical and mental fitness.  (I am still working on this one.)

Mental fitness can be achieved by hanging out with people who will drive you to be a better you. Stop hanging out with people who put you down and dishonor you. Do you have a mentor? You know, someone who has done what you want to do.

Three: Skills and self-improvement
My wife and I have been investing into increasing our skills and have worked with mentors for improving our business and life for more than a decade.  We cannot stay stagnant if we want to recession-proof our business and life. The skills we have five years ago may not work now. In IT and social media, what you learned just 6 months ago or less could be outdated today.

We could be constantly learning and should be but there comes a point when you realize you can’t learn everything your business needs. That’s where outsourcing and bringing on team members comes in. But to do this you need people skills. And “people skills” are something you have to keep learning and developing too.

Four: Family and support
Don’t overlook the power of family and friends’ support for your success in business and life. Finding a balance in working hard and playing hard with family members and friends can be one of the best recession-proof strategies for business owners.

After all, if you built a great business and lose the support of your spouse, friends and family, would it be worth it?

Don’t give up when there are challenges in your business and life. Overcome adversities with determination, physical and mental fitness, skills and self-improvement and the support of family and friends.

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