It’s tennis season here in Central NY. These next couple of months Mary and I will hit the courts with kids in tow. We really love tennis and we bring our son who loves chasing the tennis balls. In the 6 years that we have been playing tennis I think she has only beat me 3 times. See I have a few secret weapons that help me win.

1. GIVE IT MY ALL: Yes I am one of those tennis players who you will find running across the court jumping, sliding and yes sometimes falling to get a ball. Not that I am really good at it but I give it my all and giving it my all has helped me win over and over again (at least against my wife).

2. Get lessons: One thing that has helped improve my game is getting lessons and learning the proper technique.

3. Practice: After learning good techniques from our coach we were given drills to help improve our game. Before playing a game we would practice short shots getting them in the small box, then we would practice longer shots, and then we would practice… well you get the picture.

These same 3 principals can be applied to your online business.

1. Don’t treat it like a hobby. Treat it like a business and give it your all.

2. Develop your skills in your profession but also in your business including marketing, social media etc. This will probably involve getting a coach or coaches throughout your years in business.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice. This may involve practicing a skill, testing a marketing strategy or advertisement, practicing doing a telephone business presentation, a GoTo Meeting, or any other technique or skill that you will need to improve on.


So you see my point. If I never wanted to improve my tennis game and continue to beat my wife then I wouldn’t give it my all, get some training or practice. If you don’t want to improve your business then don’t give it your all, get good coaching, or practice your skills. But I think you do or you wouldn’t be reading this. Good job, remember YOU CAN DO THIS!

For your Success,

Jay Carter

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