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Call tracking is the process of figuring out how callers find your business! Call tracking metrics help Marketing and sales teams by using the data to measure the success of the company’s advertising campaigns and better optimize future marketing strategy and assists in reducing costs for marketing.


Call tracking pretty much works for any type of industry, including the auto industry, marketing and strategy industries, medical and even home service professionals. Larger businesses implement tracking to help with tracking sales and marketing and smaller entities tend to use to help boost their SEO campaigns. If you’re a business that is placing multiple advertisements and looking to see where your leads and traffic is coming will benefit greatly when using the StarrHost call tracking software.

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It Works!

Call Tracking has been used for years. In the past, you may have called a business and they asked you, “How did you hear about us?”. Well, that is call tracking! Through technology, we’ve made it a bit more simple and obtaining more information on each method of advertising without asking the question. You’ll get access to report and details on how each medium is performing in your advertising campaigns.

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