What is “Shared Hosting“? Shared hosting is simply a hosting account, located on a server, that is shared with other customers where all resources are shared and customers are allowed to use the resources when needed. Check out this video to see the difference between types of hosting. Sometimes shared hosting can take an ugly turn, but StarrHost uses the CloudLinux operating system to avoid this pitfall, giving you the best hosting experience you can find on the net. Wrapped in our price, and blanketed with our expert customer support, and shining with our bundled services, you’re guaranteed to get the best deal and everything you’ll ever need. All without the sacrifice of abusive accounts that will take away from your website!

StarrHost implements the most up-to-date security and technology to give you the peace of mind when it comes to data integrity. Coupled with constantly updated and backed up data, you don’t have to worry about losing information or your website.

Check out our Shared Hosting plans below. We recommend the Professional plan as this affords you the best options for the price. If you have any questions, please open a live chat (if available) or send us an inquiry via our Contact Us page.

StarrHost uses the CloudLinux operating system which includes CageFS, a high level of security and an account abuse management system that prevents any one account from abusing server resources. To learn more about CloudLinux, click here.

We have taken steps to put together some of the most reliable, affordable and feature packed hosting plans you’ll find online. You *might* find cheaper prices somewhere else but we *guarantee* that you won’t be able to find the *value* we provide overall!

Powered by CloudLinuxAll Shared Hosting Servers Run CloudLinux To help secure the servers, we run the CloudLinux operating system on every single one of our servers to ensure 100% absolute stability across our network and every single shared hosting account so that no one single cpanel account can jeopardize or crash the system ensuring your uptime and reliability. We don’t take chances, we guarantee our service 100%!

Take a look at our shared hosting plans below, I’m sure you won’t find a better provider with the services we offer. Even the big guys like Godaddy Hosting, Bluehost Hosting, LunarPages, HostGator — *none* of them beat our overall value and personalized support! If you don’t see a plan that fits your needs, feel free to contact us for a personalized quote. As our customers say, “Dude, you rock!” ~ Keith H.

Shared hosting plans on the internet average from as low as $2 and up. StarrHost will never oversell our servers so you don’t have to worry about things not working or being slow. When something creeps up on us, we jump on it to be sure no issues are caused. Our teams monitor our servers 24/7 for anything out of the ordinary and are immediately available to fix any problems.

Each of our shared hosting plans come with a TON of features that you probably won’t find elsewhere and the support that you’ll get, you just won’t find it anywhere else – PERIOD!!!

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