A hyperlink is a blue underlined word or phrase that you can click and when you click it, it will lead you to another document, page or website. When you move your cursor to the hyperlink, the arrow will turn into a small hand just like below:

Steps For Creating A Hyperlink

We use hyperlinks when we quote an article from outside sources or when we want readers to read other articles within our website. Hyperlinks are also used when we have affiliate links with companies that we work with.

Here are three easy steps to help you create hyperlinks:

One: Highlight the words, phrase or photo you want to have a hyperlink and click on the word link as shown below.


Two: When you click on the word link, this will open up on your screen:


Enter the URL you want the word or phrase to link to at URL section. Check “Open link in a new window/tab”. We like to have that option to keep readers on our blog or original blog post or page. If you don’t check “open link in a new window/tab”, your original blog post will disappear as the linked URL opens.

Click Add Link.

Three: Click on Save draft and you have created a hyperlink.

You can do the same for a picture. You click on the image and follow step one through step three for the picture.

Hyperlinks are useful if you are writing a blog post about your products and you want readers to read more and purchase the products on the Product Page. You can have hyperlinks to your Facebook or Twitter platforms, to your free report or to your older posts.

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