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Creating pages on your blog is almost the same as posting your blog posts. Pages are static and usually are not constantly changed on your website. They are created typically with a navigation tab.

If you type our URL, it will bring you to the latest blog post and you will see a number of navigation tabs of our pages. See below:

Steps To Creating A Page

The About, Hosting, Backups and Maintenance are pages. Here are four steps to help you create a page:

One: Go to your dashboard and click on Pages on the left and click Add New:

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Two: Add your text and Title for the page


Three: Select no side bar on the right hand side of the page by clicking on Template and select no side bar. No side bar means your side bar photos, side bar opt-in, and widgets will not show on the page. See below for our Backups page without a side bar.

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Four: Add Focus Keywords, SEO title and Meta description for your page. Hit Save draft, preview and publish.

Five: To have your page show up in the Navigation Bar, (Menu item below your header) you can use 2 different ways:

If working in Thesis go to Thesis Site Option and click on the (+) plus sign next to pages. It will show the pages you created, check the one you have just created and click the save button.

You are set.

We prefer to use WP Navigation menu but we will do a separate post about using WP Navigation menu and creating drop down menus.

We hope this helps you and if you still can’t figure it out, need help or just don’t want to waste your time, we have a Support Service that can assist you.

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