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We have written an article on Brute Global Attack on WordPress and Changing Your Admin name on your website. Here is one of the easiest ways to change a WordPress Login Username, Admin with a plugin recommended by WordPress.

1. First download the Better WP Security plugin. Download the Better WP Security plugin on WordPress by going on your ‘Plugins’ tab on your WordPress website.


Click on ‘Add New’ and search for Better WP Security.


The plugin is made by Bit51 and has a five star rating. Click ‘install’ and then activate the plugin.

Change A WordPress Login Username

2. In your side menu a tab called ‘Security’ should appear. Click on that tab.


3. Look at the tabs just under the words ‘Better WP Security – System Status’. Now click on the ‘User Tab’.

Untitled1 4. Look for the box that is labeled as ‘Change The Admin User Name’.

5. Type in the new username that you want to change to, like, joe or josephsmith (if that is your name) or babygirl. Click ‘Save Changes’.

6. The plugin will require for you to re-login under your current admin username. Then the plugin should tell you that you have successfully changed your username.


7. Check that your username is changed by looking under the users tab. Your username should be changed from Admin to the name of your choice.

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