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Some of us may have intentionally used the colors that represent our brand and us on our website, while others may just be figuring it out along the way before sticking with a color scheme.

The color you choose for your website is extremely important. Whether you know it or not, it is part of branding. I remember our business coach telling the story of how she became the pink lady. She was not looking for a color scheme for her website. In fact I recall she had maroon or brown when I found her. Now when you mention her name to anyone who knows her, she represents the color pink, happiness and energy.

McDonald’s colors have been stuck in our mind since we were little. Don’t believe me? Ask a six year old if you do not eat at McDonald’s. Here are three reasons to show the importance of color on your WordPress website:

1. It identifies you and your brand instantly.
2. Different colors cause different actions from readers.
3. Color combinations that are too busy, bright or dark may provoke visitors to click away instantly.

According to an article written by Susan Wright, a Color Specialist at the New Mexico State University, you learn about color by experimenting with it. As you learn more about color, you will select clothing and cosmetic colors that will be harmonious with your own personal coloring, figure type, and personality type.

Since your website represents you, obviously you would choose a color that shows your authenticity and personality.

Drawing from the same article, here is a chart to show warm and cool colors:

The Importance Of Color On Your WordPress Website

Green and blue are considered cool colors and yellow and red are considered warm colors. YG represents yellow-green and BR represents blue-red. You can read more about the colors from her article here. Another great read on colors for your WordPress website is an infographic by Marketo.

This infographic shows you what red, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, black and white represent. For example, blue represents trustworthy, dependable, secure and responsible and white represents pure, noble, clean and soft.

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