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For most non-techie business owners going online is hard enough but having to deal with website updates, plug ins, backup, security and many more could create confusions and frustrations.

Are you struggling alone and feel like giving up?

Here at Starr Host we get questions from clients about the WordPress website regularly. Questions like “how do I update the plug ins?” or “which comments should I approve from the hundreds of comments sitting in my comment section in WordPress?”

Who do you turn to when you have questions like the above? The plug ins and the comments could sit untouched for a while but not for long. If the website is not updated or taken care of regularly, you may potentially

1. Put your website at risk with security problems.
2. Create clutter inside the WordPress website.
3. Your website may not function optimally.
4. Lose your data and hard work.

We have created Starr Host Support division within our company because many business owners struggle alone and get discouraged. Unfortunately, some went into serious trouble because they waited till the problem was out of hand before they sought professional help.

Here is a list of what we can help with your WordPress website:
• Answer your questions
• Update your WordPress website regularly
• Add and update important plug ins
• Data backup
• Remove virus and malware
• PC security help
• Network help
• And many more…

The Internet has made it easy for business owners around the world to build their online presence in any part of the world. The days of bringing your laptop or desktop to a store to do a diagnostic test or troubleshoot is almost over. Here at Starr Host we can give support to your WordPress website even if you live in Italy like our client Peta.

Our Remote Access Service allows us to fix your problems through the Internet while you watch online. Isn’t that cool? No driving or waiting and listening to repetitive music over the telephone or speaking to a machine that brings you nowhere.

We have also created a system where you do not need to have a contract or monthly fee. You can purchase in advance a monthly maintenance or one hour service call. Schedule a convenient one-hour service call with us after your payment and be ready to ask our knowledgeable technicians your questions.

Don’t let confusions and frustrations stop you from moving forward or having a website that function optimally. Just like a vehicle, your WordPress website needs regular maintenance and check up.

Please let us know how we can assist you by sending us your question here.

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