I sat for a second and let the numbers sink in. It was now a daily occurrence. That’s right, I told myself all your work is paying off. Out of every 25 people who landed on the page, one person would request further information leaving their email, name and phone number. I quickly got some of my trained associates to do call backs scheduling pre-screening interviews.

After just a few calls they said the quality of these prospects were really high. Just 5 years ago it would take me 1000 telephone calls, 100 or more prescreenings. 40 interviews to recruit 5 associates into my business. The amount of time spent minimally 60 plus hours and over $1000 dollars and in the end my profit was NEGATIVE $500. That was back in the day when I purchased leads, which are individuals who have expressed a desire to make money working online or start a home business. They may have filled out the online form weeks or even months before I could even call them and most just weren’t serious.   But now I was creating my own real time leads with a system that was working!

It start rolling right after Black Friday when I hit about 2000 fans on my FB page, close to 5000 in Twitter and 2000 on my email lists. What happened? Well it was like I hit that point in the exponential curve where the results of my work started to increase. Instead of a couple times a month, I was now seeing new people come to MY LIST daily. They were either opting into a FREE offer I had, purchasing an e-book or online program I had or purchasing some other product from my website. WOW it was working! I was really starting to see the beginning of what my coach told me would happen… MOMENTUM of the system.

What is the System?

As trademarked by our coach Sandi Krakowski from, in marketing it’s called the Business Circle of life, where you are in the middle creating relationships and connections with your audience through Email, Social Media (particularly Facebook and Twitter) and Blogging.

I had been regularly blogging and sending out a newsletter 2 times a week since July 2011. I started regular posting and creating relationships on my Facebook PAGE and Twitter in March of 2012. I started investing in doing Facebook ads in July of 2012 and Twitter Ads in December. Simply I followed a system and it worked. The majority of people would find me through Social Media either Liking me on Facebook or Following me on Twitter.

Then out of those, a much smaller percentage would begin to interact by Commenting, Asking Questions, Liking Posts on Facebook or Retweeting or Commenting on Posts on Twitter. Some would opt in to receive our bi-weekly newsletter and be added to my most valuable LIST… my email list, and lastly some would just go visit my website and comment on a blog post or even make a purchase.

Right now you might be saying WOW that sounds like a lot of work. I am not going to kid you and say it’s not work, or that the results you are seeking from working online won’t happen overnight. But think about the alternatives. In my business, the way we make a profit is getting clients and adding quality associates to our team. We can find these people 100 different ways including TradeShows, Networking, but basically it comes down to finding a way to share what we have to offer with as many people as possible. All those things take time, money, and energy.

So this Friday Jay and I got to meet with an amazing leader on my team, Kathryn Faso who has developed a LARGE social media following and Facebook support group and has some of the Business Circle of Life keys already in place. In fact, she gets SOME results. But because she lacks the other pieces, Blogging and an Email list, she is not fully seeing results like she could. So she has decided she wants to get more results, help more people and reap more rewards of the FREEDOM of what her business gives her. So Starr Host is helping her do that through a specific WordPress Blog website, referrals and resources to kick her social media up a notch and ways to start emailing her group of followers regularly! Sound exciting? It is and GUESS WHAT – although the Business Circle of Life is work, it really is a whole lot of FUN too!

Are you ready to JUMP IN? Let us help you get started with a WordPress Blog!

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