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As a small business owner who is growing and evolving, you need a website that you could change anything easily. Your WordPress blog has one great advantage that is it grows with you. You probably start out thinking a set of suitable keywords for your business but along the way as you grow and change direction, some of your keywords may change.

Changing keywords means changing your title tag, tagline and site title too. According to Title tags are arguably the most important of the on-page factors for search engine optimization ("SEO") and should incorporate synonyms and alternate phrases to capture additional search visibility.

Where is title tag and where do you find them?


On your Thesis theme site options, go to Home Page SEO and click on the plus sign and add home page title tag. You would need to add your keywords on the title tag. If you are an affordable bakery specializing in fresh bread in Syracuse, you might want to add ‘bakery in Syracuse’ or ‘Syracuse neighborhood fresh bread’ or ‘affordable homemade bread Syracuse’.

When visitors search your site on Google, the title tag will be a clickable headline on the search engine result page as shown below in blue:


The above obviously has one long keyword on the title tag. You could include your business name, your name onto the title tag. Example:

Business name|keyword1|keyword2|keyword3

Notice the line in between the words? That’s really important for Title Tag. Before you could decide on title tag. You need to know your keywords.

What are your keywords for your business? What are you about? What do you do? What is it that you help others with? What is your main product? Who are your competitors? You want to legally spy on your competitors.

Spend a few hours initially on keyword research for your blog. If there is difficulty, hire a copywriter to help optimize your keywords onto your title tag.

According to some experts, it is crucial to place the most important keywords in the beginning of your Title Tag. Your keywords need not be just one or two words. It could be more.

Another area to add your keywords is in the Site Title and Tagline. Click on SETTINGS on the left of your WordPress dashboard and click on General and it will open up the General Settings area where you could add keywords to your Site Title and Tagline.


The best thing about WordPress is you could change your Title Tag and keywords anytime. Take time to find out more about your keywords and add Title Tag once you know some of the keywords.

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