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Media library is where you store videos, recordings, files and images on your WordPress blog. You can edit, view and delete all uploads on your Media Library from your blog.

Did you know that when you add an image onto your content, either post or page, the image would be stored under the media library in chronological order in the Media Library? These files or images will be filed under ATTACHED TO in your Media Library. Here is a screenshot of Media Library:


Think of it as a place where you go to if you need to use the same image again for another blog post or page in future.  Here is the search function within Media Library. Type in the name of the image or any files located here:




Here are three reasons why you need to know how to use WordPress Media Library:

Your audio and video:
If you have created a video on YouTube or Vimeo, you want to send readers to your WordPress blog, not to YouTube or Vimeo’s website. As Sandi Krakowski of said, “All roads lead to your blog”.

When you add audio or video to your WordPress media library, it will generate a file URL that could be used in your newsletter, social media platforms or printed materials like EBook and Free Report.

Your Free Report or EBook:
Free report or EBook is usually delivered in PDF format. A screenshot to show our Free Report is in our Media Library in PDF format:



When you add your Free Report or EBook to the Media Library, it will generate a File URL. We attach this File URL to our email that delivers the Free Report or EBook. Now your readers will download the EBook through your WordPress Blog.

Reusing Images:
After blogging for a while, you may have a library full of images that can be used again. Knowing how and where to get the images again is important. It saves you time and money. You can search using published dates or title of the image.

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