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A free report (above is an example) can potentially help you make thousands of dollars. Remember the days when companies provided free samples or magazines, giving away a one-month trial subscription? Or to win a seven day cruise to the Caribbean if you filled out a survey form? It works the same way with a free report.

Here are seven tips and resources for writing your free report:

One: Who is your ideal client and what is their most urgent pressing problem?freereport2 e1360966551305
Write a report that speaks to their needs. If it is a mom with five kids looking for ways to exercise and lose weight without the need to spend too much time or money, write a report that speaks to her needs.

Two: What solutions are you offering in your free report?
Your free report will have tips, strategies, methods, anything that gives solutions to the mother who wants to lose weight and exercise without the need to spend too much time or money.

Three: Write 8-12 pages of content
Provide high quality content with relevant photos and beautifully formatted. Hire a graphic designer to make the free report more appealing.

Four: Headline
You must write a compelling headline. Sometimes by changing the headline of your existing free report will change the opt-in rate immediately. Take these two examples about the mom mentioned above:

Exercise and Weight Loss for Mothers


Guide to Lose 5 Pounds in One Week with Quick 5 Minute Daily Exercises for Moms Who Have No TIME!

Five: Use Merriam-Webster Dictionary
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a handy guide if you need an online dictionary.

Six: Get a free report from
Learn the steps of writing a free report from Sandi Krakowski of Here is the link to get her free report “Fool Proof Formula for Opt In Rapid Growth”.

Seven: Follow up
Convert your Free Report to PDF form and have it ready in your website and delivered through a series of 4 autoresponder emails.

If you are feeling stuck and do not have your free report yet, please check our resource section and get a copywriter to write your free report for you.

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