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Having a WordPress website is not a get rich quick scheme or a magic pill for your business success. It is a platform for you to build relationships, deliver quality content and sell something for profit. If there isn’t a balance in these three areas, you might find your website lacking in strength.

First off, let’s bring all our content together:

One: Write an About Page and Mission/Vision Pagetips for bringing your content together
Add a recent photo of yourself. Your readers are looking to put a face to your name or business. If you have a business partner, add your business partner’s photo too.

Two: Start a blogging calendar
You must determine how many times you are blogging per week. If you have decided twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, stick with the schedule as much as possible. Your readers expect your ‘door’ to be open with new content on those set dates.

Three: Have something to sell
You are in a business to sell. Even if it is a non-profit organization, you need a donate now button. Write at least one sales page for your products or services and have them set up along with the About Page and Mission/Vision Page.

Four: Your Free Offer
Have a free report, audio or a chapter of a book as a free offer on your website. This is usually a 8-12 page Free Report written for your readers to opt in. A free report is one of the best ways to generate your own highly targeted leads. You get your readers’ best attention through your weekly newsletters and emails.

Five: Build relationship
It’s time to build relationship with your readers through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Even if you have the best content with ridiculously good SEO or keywords in the Internet, you still need to send out e-newsletters at least once a week and maintain a social media presence. Gone are the days when you rely on thinking “content is king” and do nothing else.

Is your website lacking in any of this content? Please leave us a comment or question and we would gladly help you out.

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