Connecting Blogging, Email and Social Media

Are you still looking for ways to connect with your team, prospects and clients? Blogging, email and social media need to be implemented by all online business owners. You can’t create great results if you miss one of these platforms.

Here’s why!

Michael Hyatt in his book, The Platform called your blog a home base, your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as the embassies and I will call your email/newsletter the bridge between your blog and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Instagram and Google+.

We have included 7 tips to help you connect blogging, email and social media together:

1. Include social media buttons or links on your blog and email/newsletters.
2. Blog consistently and invite your readers to visit you on Facebook or Twitter or both.
3. Send an email/newsletter on the same day you publish your blog and invite readers to comment on your blog or send a question to Facebook.
4. Tweet and post daily and send readers to read one of your blog posts.
5. Tweet and post regularly about your Free Offer so readers can sign up and get your weekly email/newsletter.
6. Make sure you have a free report available and have an easy sign up for readers. This is the only way you get names and emails to send your weekly email/newsletter. (We are not referring to emails you get from trade shows/parties here.)
7. Include autoresponder series of emails for your free report and invite readers to connect with you on your social media platforms.

Sandi Krakowski called it the “The Business Circle Of Life For Blogging” that is connecting blogging, email and social media seamlessly together. Read more about this in our blog post called The Power of Blogging, Social Media and Email Marketing.

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